Convenient cryptocurrency trading service

All functions from front to backend

Supports various encryption processing for transaction security

Blockchain-based multiple coin support

Various market support (Fiat currency market & Crypto-2-Crypto market)

Provides an easy-to-use operating system

Pro's Configuration

Optimized UI/UX

Android/iOS, PC/Mobile Web Support

Providing API-based wallet service

Storage management of encrypted keys through HSM

Multiple node server pool configuration

Hot Wallet & Cold Wallet Support

RealTime Channel Service

Asynchronous server push method delivery

Wallet/node composition for each coin

Independent server configuration for each token

Real-time member operation CS processing

Transaction level and transaction system management for each member

Accept blockchain payments for your business with bpay

The bPay system is the first cryptocurrency-based online/mobile payment platform in the Philippines

The bPay system is a payment solution that solves the problem of price changes with high processing speed.

Web/mobile shopping mall payment service

Build a financial-level security system

Fast settlement

Lower fees compared to other payment services

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